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#31 Out of Control

100_2288Great Grand baby Adrian, three and a half (babysat him for 2 days and maybe tomorrow). My 2 dogs, the brown one is Rudy and the apricot one is Peanut. They all thought it would be good idea to take a nap on me. I was ready for one as well.


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A hot ride

Hot as in Firetruck

Hot as in Firetruck

Sorry this is so late, My laptop died and $400.00 later, I can add more pictures and comments.
This firetruck was sitting in a parking lot in Branson, MO. on our last trip.



Thank you for stopping by my blog and viewing my comments and photographs.  Beginning soon, I will be attempting to publish one photograph per week for 52 weeks and each photograph will be based upon 52 pre-determined themes.  A list of the themes are at the top of this page on the “Themes” tab. Some of the themes will be fairly simple and some not so simple but my goal during this challenge will be to think outside the box and allow my photographs to reflect my creativeness and interpretations of each weekly theme.  With each photograph posted, I will go into detail telling you why I thought my photograph satisfied each weekly theme.  If you are up for a good challenge while at the same time using your camera to create thought provoking images, I would welcome you into this 52-week, fun-filled photo journey.  It’s going to be challenging, but what good things in life aren’t challenging?  Stay tuned…my journey starts soon.